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Boomerang Shaped Object UFO Sighting from Middletown, New York 1991

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Although I am from Middletown NY and was born on Linden to young parents, I moved away to live with an older relative. I would visit one of my parents on weekends. Sorry, I'm being vague, but if I'm too open, people from this small town will know exactly who I am. I was visiting a parent and newly step parent at 6 and a half to 7 years old at a drunken drug infested adult party. All us kids were doing night swimming and playing in the swing set. I am not saying it was an alien, but
    all us kids plus stoned adults in denial saw a boomerang shaped object with lights all beneath it. It literally moved in the way a boomerang does.

I have
no idea what it was to this day, but as much as I try to stay open minded, I'm slightly skeptical by nature. Not sure what it was. Things that large don't light up in boomerang shape and shoot one way and snap back like a boomerang in the sky. I know Pine Bush is only like 5 miles from where I was, and they are a big UFO hot spot in the past. Anyway I just wonder if anyone else saw this too. It's the only weird thing I've ever seen beside this floating satellite looking thing when  
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