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Lights UFO Sighting from Fresh Meadows, New York 1965

It must have been about 45 to 50 years ago walking home (in Fresh Meadows, NY) about 11:00 PM when I noticed a formation of four round vehicles hovering about 1,000 feet above me. All four had lights red, green, blue and a white light on the bottom. At first I thought they were helicopters; however, they had no sound coming from them. As I was walking to my home, they started to descend and switched positions erratically but very controlled and stop and descend to a lower altitude
    maybe 100 feet above me. They must have been 50 feet across in size.

Once again they would hover above without a whisper. When I would walk about 50 yards
or so they would switch positions and abruptly follow directly above me. I was not afraid but extremely curious as to what they were and why they were following me. As I reached close to home, they all disappeared in a matter of seconds skyward. I had only told my sister of this experience as she was leery of what I told her of this experience. I told nobody else till now. This has been with me till today and I will NEVER forget it.

    - Posted by Anonymous


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