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Craft UFO Sighting from Waukomis, Oklahoma October 2004

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  sleep until like nine in the morning. I believe it was Saturday.

Anyway I didn't have to work that day. I woke up later that day at maybe two in the afternoon. I called my friend up and told him what happened the night before. At first he thought I was screwing with him but came around to believing me, or so he said. He asked me what on God's green earth I was doing out so late and in the middle of nowhere. He thought I had gone crazy. I told him I was sane but maybe foolish. He
    agreed with the foolish part. Then out of curiosity he asked me why I didn't stop. I said ''are you kidding me? I didn't want to be probed. '' We both just laughed.
Seriously it still creeps me out when I think back to that night. Was it an alien craft? Someone in a helicopter? A crop duster plane? A jet pilot from Vance AFB doing late night training? I'm going with alien craft. Thanks for reading my story.
66th / Pioneer Blacktop and Wood Road not far from Pioneer High School / 5 miles east of Waukomis, OK

    - Posted by Mike W. Bandit
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