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Lights UFO Sighting from South Yarmouth, Massachusetts July 1999

On the night of July 3rd, 1999 my brother and I were on Smuggler's Beach. I was looking up into the sky and saw quite far up a triangle formation of three white lights in one position not moving the way you see satellites or other vehicles in motion. One light would move in a very quick squiggling motion and join another. Then they would break way and move to the other point or return to its original position. The triangle would become a line. Then a light would move to a different
    point or return to its original position. This went on for a while.

I had been under enormous financial stress that year and thought to myself '' please
God don't let me be going crazy seeing UFOs now.'' Then I noticed that my brother and the other people on the beach were watching the same thing. I commented on it, and the other witnesses confirmed what I was seeing. It was a weird and cold event. My brother didn't like it, so we got in the car went home and locked the windows and doors even though it was a hot July night, and we were 37 years old (we're twins.)

    - Posted by Joe


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