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Disc UFO Sighting from Winchester, Massachusetts 1966

In the late spring or early summer of 1966 about 3 pm I was in the front yard with my twin brother. I and several neighborhood children were between four to seven years old. At the time sonic booms from planes flying over from Logan Airport were not uncommon and helicopters flying over monitoring RTE 93 traffic were frequent. Looking up our street which was a hill were two hovering silver objects in the sky. My twin and I thought they were unique helicopters, but the older
    children became excited and pointed them out to my mother. Our little group followed them to the top of the street and observed the objects which turned out to
be two silver disks with red and green lights flashing around the edges. My mother was amazed and kept checking herself by asking the older kids what they saw. The kids said ''flying saucers.'' I never forgot them.

    - Posted by Joe


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