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Unspecified UFO Sighting from Kent City, Michigan May 05 2017

Last night I saw some really strange objects in the sky. There were at least 10 of them all over the sky. At one point a couple of them blinked then moved sideways across the sky. No one will convince me that they were all satellites!

    - Posted by Cathy

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I can't recall the exact date however around that time of year and could have been the same incident you observed. I was living in Macomb county at the time and was driving to work east bound around 6 am.
    I observed several bright points of light possibly 15 or so very high in the sky probably in the atmosphere. They appeared to twinkle so to speak however didn't move. They appeared a distance from each other stretching for probably hundreds of miles to the east.
They were not satellites. And as it became lighter out I could no longer see them. I drive that route every day and never saw that before or again.
    - comment by Anonymous


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