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Lights UFO Sighting from Yellow Springs, Ohio September 15 2017

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  I was too huge to be a star. ''That must be a planet,'' I said. Immediately after I gathered why she had thought it was a star. It was flickering. More accurately, it seemed to be pulsating similar to a steady heartbeat. We then understood all at once that what we were looking at was not normal. The car stopped. We both stared intensely out the window with curiosity, not breathing or speaking.

My eyes focused on this light that, on closer examination, appeared to be not white like
    starlight but tinted orange, which I found very strange. The object was stationary in the sky, not moving at all. It was not an aircraft. Not any that I have ever
seen, anyway (and I have seen just about everything in the sky: shooting stars, military jets, planes, helicopters, hot air balloons, and the international space station). Within the space of a couple seconds the thing in the sky stopped pulsating. It shrunk down to just a pinpoint, turned a deep shade of red, and vanished. It was as if it had jumped into warp speed, like star trek. It was just gone.

We were left in a state of shock. A few seconds of silence passed between us
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