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Abduction UFO Sighting from Woburn, Massachusetts May 16 1979

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The following story is somewhat my own, but really concerns my mother who sadly passed away a little over a year ago. Though she'd intentionally not told this story to anyone in many years, I believe that it is now okay for me to tell.

I was born with a severe cleft lip. Though I have come to terms with it as an adult, as a child, I was very self conscious about it. When I would bring it up to my mother, she would usually get quiet and try to change the subject. Sometimes
    she would even get so upset that she would have to run to the bathroom. Usually a very supportive and calm woman, I found this to be very odd.

Many years
later, however, when I found her diary amongst boxes of her things, it all made sense.

As a side note, reading a family member's diary shortly after their death is an odd exercise, especially when it is a parent. The way people present themselves to their kids is not always exactly how they are at all times. Reading my mother's detailed accounts of her struggles with promiscuity was eye-opening (to say the least. ) All of that happened before I was born though, and I prefer
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