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Disc UFO Sighting from Claysville, Pennsylvania 1963

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During the summer of 1963 I was home for a weekend from my job at Matronics in northern Ohio. While parked my fiancée and I witnessed a saucer shaped object slowly pass very close over the field above Sunset Beach, Pa. It was one of those warm, beautifully clear still nights when you can see the stars from horizon to horizon. The only clouds were barely a trace of small, wispy thin Nimbo-Stratus directly overhead allowing a beautiful display of the Milky Way. Only two other
    lights were visible in that secluded area.

On the skyline to our right on a telephone pole was a single bare-bulb streetlight with a round metal porcelain
reflector, green on the top and cream colored on the bottom. It was located in the gravel parking lot of an old-time motel, the kind with small individual cabins situated next to US Rt 40 that ran along the top of the ridge. The others were a few dim windows of a farmhouse on the hillside about 400 hundred yards directly to our front that we watched for any movement in case we had to beat a hasty retreat.

The streetlight and motel were located across the steep valley, on
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