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Triangular Object UFO Sighting from Aptos, California April 1984

This happened in Rio del Mar (Aptos) in CA approximately in the spring of 1984 just before sunset. I was heading I believe north on Clubhouse Drive into Rio del Mar Boulevard just before the shopping center area. I was driving wth three of my housemates in my Toyota Land Cruiser. On the left side of the road I guess about 100 feet diagonally above us was this huge delta wing air craft with I guess about four spotlights under the wings panning down on the house and back yard

I immediately thought that it was a stealth bomber (that I had previously read about) and realized that those were only in an experimental stage.
This thing was probably 100 feet or more from wingtip to wingtip and was moving about I guess 2 or 3 mph. I slowed down and did not tell my housemates, and it continued to travel until it about 45 degrees onto the horizon at which time it just disappeared. I had posted this before many years ago, but the posting also seemed to have disappeared.

    - Posted by Rich Pollins


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