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Lights UFO Sighting from Ware, Massachusetts December 2016

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Used to live on Eddy Street in Ware MA. My back yard was butted up against the pumping station and softball field. One night my wife yelled for me to come look out the kitchen bay window overlooking the softball field and up wayyyyy above the softball field were a group of lights.
Started as 1... Then to 2.... Then to 3... Triangle pattern. And they were strobing different shades of blue) purple) green) red and so on. It was totally silent. No breeze. No animals. Totally weird.
    managed to not only get multiple pics of the diff morph stages. But I also have a video of it as well on an old cellphone. The pics I retrieved on my facebook and
ill upload as many as I can here.

But if anyone would like to see the video and maybe help me figure out what this was. Email me jwall7414 @gmail .com.

    - Posted by J. Wall

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You are not the only one who's seen it. Years back there was one in broad daylight by Aspen and Pleasant Street. Many cars and people saw it.
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Submitted by: J. Wall

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