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Lights UFO Sighting from Clewiston, Florida 2018

I was doing a little night spotting with my buddies on his property we were in the back of his pickup truck. I was sitting facing the driver side my friend was sitting facing the front of the truck and his little brother was sitting facing the back.
I happen to look up towards the treeline as we were on the dove field (as we call it) and I noticed two red lights one above the other but parallel. I freaked out because as soon as I saw it it disappeared within a second.
    started hitting the roof of the truck to get my friends dad's attention and we pulled over and told him what happened. My friend's little brother saw it too. From
what my buddy's dad told me one of our friend who lives on the property said he saw a little man running around beyond the fence line a week before my sighting.

    - Posted by Jose Gomez


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