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Lights UFO Sighting from Alvin, Texas 2016

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This happened in 2016 in Alvin, TX. Behind the YMCA there is a park with a small man-made pond. I would take my younger daughters out at night to fish and look at stars with my husband at this small pond because it was so close to our neighborhood at that time. That one night we were sitting at the pond watching the stars and listening to music when we noticed this one airplane. We can call it that at first. This plane was hovering over a house at a distant and stopped in the middle.
    It was flying and then just stopped over the house.

We got interested and asked each other, ''wait a plane doesn't just stop and sit still!'' My husband
took notice, and us four just watched it from a distance sitting in the middle of air fighting with each other if it was a plane or not. Then it would make small moves at a time in a sort of zigzag pattern, and we started getting freaked out. It had two colors of lights on it that blinked. It sat perfectly still when it stopped moving. My children, my husband, and I couldn't talk for 30 minutes trying to understand what we had seen.

In no way does that define gravity and
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