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Lights UFO Sighting from Estherville, Iowa 1999

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The next day I told the farmer I was working for the story. His reaction was shocking. He told of other neighbors (prior to me moving into that area) witnessing similar ''sightings,'' and he didn't believe it until I told him my story. Now stories he told that the neighbors told I knew nothing of at the time. I didn't even know the neighbors before moving into that area.

It's been years since I have lived there, but I am interested in anyone else who has seen
    anything strange in that area, south of Ft. Defiance Park and along the blacktop road (370th Avenue).

One story the farmer told me was told by a man who
lived along that blacktop (now known as 370th Avenue). I don't recall his name, but he was driving home from town with his son (coming home from a sporting practice or event), and it was after dark. While not in a big hurry to get home, this ''light shaft'' illuminated the ditch beside the pickup truck they were in and traveled at exactly the speed they were traveling. Those are the only details of that story I remember.

Another story was from another neighbor (farmer) who hired
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