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Disc UFO Sighting from Rock Valley, Iowa March 29 2019

My friend and I were out laying in her backyard stargazing. It was around 10:40 pm and we saw a foggy football-shaped figure. It was a grey color and had no lights. At the moment we thought it was an airplane.
Soon to realize it wasn't. 10 minutes later an airplane flew over the location which had an airplane look and it had red and green lights like a normal airplane would look like. We then thought the two weren't the same and one was different the first less like an airplane
    and more of how UFO's are colored by kids.

    - Posted by Uknown

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I have personally seen them in many colors but usually silver. They tend to fly in groups and beam white lights to each other and me. They also use telepathy. Anyhow read my post herehttp://cryptozoologynews. com/? S=Iowa.
    - comment by Zachary James Carr


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