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Cigar Shaped Object UFO Sighting from Ozark, Missouri June 11 2019

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Traveling back from Branson MO on June 11 2019 around 4:00 pm I saw a cigar shaped shiny metal UFO hovering to my right. It had a black line perpendicular to it's body more towards the front. Not exactly in the middle.
A little thicker at the bottom of the black line than the top. No wings or tail to it. I watched it for about 30-45 seconds. It stayed pretty steady with me. Wasn't too close. Above tree line in the distance.
Tried to grab my phone to take a pic and it vanished.
    Couldn't locate it anywhere in the sky. I have no doubt it was a UFO. First time to ever witness one. I wish I could've gotten a picture as evidence but I looked
online to try to find something similar.

Will upload what I found. Black line division is more toward the back of the pic. The one I saw was more toward the front little thicker at bottom.

    - Posted by Graymckay

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I saw something similar today broad daylight rural northern France. Just want to share here cause I don't think I'll tell anyone in person. It was around half a mile high travelling probably 200mph. For the minute I was watching it I was searching for wings or noise but nothing.
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Submitted by: Graymckay

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