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Egg Shaped Object UFO Sighting from Kettering, Ohio June 18 2019

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I was on a walk down Vale Dr. , to the intersection of Woodman Dr. And Delco Park Dr. (where Vale meets Delco) in Kettering earlier today, and I was looking at the sky because there were chances of showers. All of a sudden, I saw what I thought was part of the moon being covered by clouds.
Once the clouds moved I saw an object in the eastern sky looking up that was white and almost looked like an Easter Egg, just sitting idle in the sky and not moving in the distance.
    I immediately took some pictures and video of the object and it didn't move the whole time, which is something that isn't normal and not like a normal airplane
that you would see in the sky.

After 5 minutes of looking at it, I went walking towards Rapid Fired Pizza for dinner, the whole time pondering over what I saw and I sent the videos to friends and family, telling them about what I saw. Upon ending dinner, I looked outside and I saw 2 more objects that looked exactly like the one that I saw before, one almost directly overhead (to the west) and the other one was high in the sky to the north to northeast.
I observed both
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Submitted by: Andrew

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