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Abduction UFO Sighting from Delaware July 1974

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My family and I was at my office last night. About 40 yards away from us a small craft touched down beside us. My mother and father were frozen in their seats. My brother and I was taken out of the car. Next thing we can remember it was taking off.
The crazy thing two hours had passed by. After that night our lives were never the same. So yeah we are not alone.

    - Posted by Garland Neal

Comments and Replies:
Dear Garland Neal,
I have had maybe two close encounters of the first or second kind, with possible ''alien/interdimensional crafts''!
My creepy and bizarre encounter/experience happened back in October 2004, when I couldn't sleep and decided to take a late-night drive (into the countryside)!
For the sake of space and time, I will try to keep this short and sweet.
Honestly, I don't know what possessed me to drive, out to the middle of nowhere, between like one and two in the morning!
This weird incident occurred between Pioneer High School (near the corner of 66th Street), and Wood Road (that leads back to Highway 81 and the town of Waukomis).
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