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Large Object UFO Sighting from Jacksonville, North Carolina 1977

In 1977 while driving home from my waitress job in Jacksonville, I was driving down HWY 53 heading to my in-law's house on Ben Williams Road. At the time it was misting rain. I was driving between Harris Creek Church Road and Shorty Toy's store, and there were nothing but woods in that stretch of road. There were no lights or houses.

As I was driving, these really weird lights appeared in front of me on the road. There was a huge object that was similar to a ferris wheel
    with lots of colorful lights. I pulled over to the shoulder of the road and actually opened my driver's door for a clear view because I thought it was something
to do with the rain on my windshield.

However, the object was in front of me and terrified me so bad that I did a 3-point turn. I took off the other way to go down Ben Williams Road to get to my in-law's house even though it was raining, and the road was dirt. I went this route to my in-law's once. I saw whatever it was I saw. Many people don't know whether to believe it or not, but as God is my witness, this occurred in 1977 in Onslow county, NC.

    - Posted by Darlene


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