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Disc UFO Sighting from El Mirage, Arizona 1990

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When I was a wee child back in this town it was hardly colonized and was small. The city hardly had any businesses. There were just a few houses here and there and two main schools. One school was called El Mirage Elementary, and the other which was close to the location of the sighting which was on Dysart Road, which ''go figure'', was called Dysart High School.

Back in those days my ''seat belt'' was not in our vocabulary. One night my mother and I were headed somewhere,
    but we stopped at the crossroads of Dysart Thunderbird Roads, which is now an Auto Zone I believe. Next to that was the town's Wal-Mart. Back then a lumber shed
was there. We made a right hand turn, going past the railroad tracks. I for some reason got up and looked in the back window, and towards the back end of the shed I saw what looked like Hollywood's generic version of a UFO.

I saw no lights, but it was round and silver. There was no smoke, and the door slanted down. I saw nothing, but the shed was open. As a child, I just thought that's where Hollywood probably put extra props. I told no one then. It was as if no one would
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