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Lights UFO Sighting from Clinton Township, Michigan September 20 2019

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I was washing my hands at my kitchen sink when I was looking out the window at what I first thought was a star, but the more I looked at it, the more I realized it was not a star at all! It was larger, and brighter, and it would flicker and change colors. It was zipping around a bit, but staying in the same spot overall. I watched it for 40 minutes and witnessed it shining beams of light in different directions and then seeing smaller objects coming out of the UFO and then watched
    them travel in different direction surrounding the one large UFO.

They blinked red sometimes, but overall were white lights. Then the smaller ones would
venture back to the larger one and it looked like they went inside of it. I have always wondered if they existed or if I'd ever see one, but now that I have and that I am trying to explain it, I feel somewhat ridiculous! I know what I saw and as crazy as it may sound it as fabricated as it may sound, I know I will never forget it!

    - Posted by Bri
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Submitted by: Bri

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