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Missing Time Event UFO Sighting from Mission, Texas 1990

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This happened in Mission TX one clear night while I was patrolling FM 495 Inspiration Road. A bright light fell from the sky causing a sonic boom and immediate city grid blacked out. I announced my observations via police radio advising that it was a meteor or fallen aircraft. I proceeded to search for it. Several other PO's saw it too.

One mile up the road I came across a young guy in his late teens. I noticed his hair appeared static, and he appeared disoriented. I met
    with him to ID him as it was protocol after midnight hour. He gave me his name and address and stated he had just stepped out of his house. He was convinced that
he was on Tom Gill Road. He pointed behind us, but there were no houses close by, just an aloe vera field.

I didn't smell alcohol or marijuana. He said he stepped out of his house because he was fighting with his brother. However, he woke up in the middle of the street after seeing a white flash. I then got dispatched to a burglary of a vehicle in progress about 100 yards away on Thompson Road, so I cut the guy loose and told him to stay off the road. He said he was just going
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