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Dark Object UFO Sighting from Milford, Iowa September 22 2019

Late at night me and my boyfriend were looking at the night sky it was probably around 10 pm or 12. He all of a sudden points to a low flying object almost looked like a bird gliding, but it was pitch black out and no birds were flying around.
It was almost like a invisibility cloaking gone wrong so it was a dark grey against the pitch black sky. It was moving real fast and had no blinking lights. It looked to be too big to be a bat or any type of bird. It was flying a bit
    higher than the trees, but not by much.
I couldn't get too much or a good look at it so it could have been something else, but it was really strange. Didn't
look like anything I'd ever seen and it made no noise. I feel like if it was a drone, airplane, or even a bird I would have known what it was.

    - Posted by Anonymous 4777


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