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Aliens UFO Sighting from Wilmington, Ohio

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  the pots hit together. That sound was enough to wake me up momentarily and I saw what appeared to be at the base of my parents bed a small four foot thin typical alien silhouette along with one in the doorway of my parents room. The silhouette was caused by our outside front light on the house being on and the light coming in through the window into my parents back bedroom on the first floor. After capturing a sleepy glance of the alien at the base of the bed and the one in the doorway,
    I abruptly was put under by them.

Event 2: I remember I was on my back somewhere and not really feeling much of anything with my body, but being scared in
my mind and as I open my eyes, it was like a haze round the outside of my vision with an alien face at 90 degrees towards mine directly above my face that was very close looking down on me. Now, I don't know why, but I sensed the alien looking down at me was female in nature. Her face was a little shadowed due to the above lights, but I could still see a shaded typical alien face. She spoke to me telepathically telling me it was going to be OK. When she spoke to me telepathically  
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