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Aliens UFO Sighting from Wilmington, Ohio

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  back, I realize that I was actually in the spacecraft hovering above the earth. After the alien told me where he was from, I blacked out again and then momentarily woke up as I was exiting the spacecraft right where they picked me up next to the root cellar and well on the side of the house. When they took off fast, they left a streak of colors 20 or 30 feet in front of me above the root cellar. I watched the brightly lit white light fade to a dimmer light as the spacecraft shot to the
    north east in an arc with the earths diameter as it disappeared into the night skies stars.
I walked into the house stunned and my mother greeted me asking me
where have I been ? She said they all have been looking for me for over an hour. I just told her that I was outside and she dropped it because I think she was just happy that I showed up.

Event 4: This event I'm going to chalk up as I'm not 100% sure. While I was in school, I was in class and the teacher was asking a question to the class that I knew nothing about and the subject matter we had never gone over nor had I ever heard about it. However, for some odd reason the
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