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Saucer Shaped Object UFO Sighting from Fife Lake, Michigan July 1965

On the way home from checking the mail in town. We heard reports of a UFO sighting on the radio. When we were approaching our home on Shippy Road we saw a UFO that was a silver saucer with a raised center. It had colored lights on the bottom and red green on the outer edges. We arrived at our house, and it continued to move slowly at treetop height. We got out of the car and continued watching it make slow circles over our house. It then began climbing and departing toward the
    west. It was slow at first. Then it accelerated very fast. A minute or so later two Air Force jets came screaming by with afterburners glowing in the direction
the UFO was heading. The jets were at maybe 1000 feet above ground. It was very obvious that the jets would never catch the saucer, comparing the speeds each was going. Another thing was the saucer made no sound. The jets made plenty.

    - Posted by Bob Lawrence


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