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Abduction UFO Sighting from Jesup, Georgia July 1980

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I had a group of regular friends, and we would all pile into my mother's Pontiac Catalina on weekends. We would drive around back roads in Jesup, driving around in the woods on dirt roads and sometimes drinking a few beers. We were all in 11th and 12th grade. One night I picked up Wendy, Mike, Stacey, Lanora, and Jeff. I was driving, Wendy and Mike in front and the rest in the back seat. It was a Friday night. I remember having an odd urge to hurry to this one secluded stop deep
    in the woods.

The road had no lights, and without car lights it was pitch black. I drove us down this extremely overgrown path off Bethlehem Road. It was
so over grown that the car was pushing down small trees. It hadn't been driven down in at least a year from the looks of it, but something made me feel determined to go down it as far as I could.

It was in very think woods with nothing around for miles. After about 100 yards, it ended with no way to turn around but to back up. Suddenly we all noticed a dim blue- green light about 6 feet off the ground in a small clearing, no more than thirty feet wide to the right of the car.
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