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Lights UFO Sighting from Cedar Rapids, Iowa March 04 2020

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5:45 am It was dark outside and I was letting my dogs outside when I thought I saw the international space station making a pass in the north sky below the big dipper heading east northeast. I looked up the ISS and it was not scheduled for a visible pass.
I then saw what looked like satellites emanating just east of the 'pot' of the big dipper also heading east northeast. These satellites were appearing every 1-2 seconds. I called my wife to see this.
We must have seen
    40 - 50 lights. The lights then started appearing with a longer time gap between them. We also saw another 10 - 15 lights emanating in the west sky and going the
same direction. The lights were not flashing and just looked like satellites.

This happened for probably 15 minutes. I tried filming this with my phone video camera and another video camera but it was very hard to see them. Did anyone else see these lights?

    - Posted by Pat

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Tonight between 8:20 to 8:40 my daughter called me out to look at the southern sky. There was a continuous steam if small bright white objects moving from the SE to the NE sky. Just guessing they seemed to be about 1/2 to one mile apart.
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