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Bright Object UFO Sighting from Marion, Iowa March 27 2020

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My daughter came home from at about 8:10 pm and came in a asked my wife and I come out to see what she was looking at. We were watching the south western sky and there was a steady stream of bright white lighted objects moving from the southwestern sky to the northeast.
I don't know what they were. In the 15-20 minutes I watched I saw 35-40 they were moving at a steady speed to the NE we'd see a new one every 30 seconds. There distance between each one remained constant.
    these objects there were two that were not in a straight line but just a bit out of line. Very strange. 3/27/2020 8:15-8:40

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Location: NW Cedar Rapids. This is crazy. Thurs April 9th 2020 around 8:30pm I was outside looking at Venus and then the Big Dipper. I noticed what I assumed were planes, coming from the NW flying SE. I quit counting at 25... Every single one was perfectly spaced apart and on the exact same flight path. Perfectly straight line.

I kept looking NW to see if I could determine where they were taking off from, but they just 'appeared' in a steady stream for at least 15 minutes. Not once did I ever catch a red blinking light that would lead me to believe these were airplanes.
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