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Lights UFO Sighting from Cedar Rapids, Iowa April 09 2020

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Location: NW Cedar Rapids. This is crazy. Thurs April 9th 2020 around 8:30pm I was outside looking at Venus and then the Big Dipper. I noticed what I assumed were planes, coming from the NW flying SE. I quit counting at 25... Every single one was perfectly spaced apart and on the exact same flight path. Perfectly straight line.

I kept looking NW to see if I could determine where they were taking off from, but they just 'appeared' in a steady stream for at least 15 minutes.
    Not once did I ever catch a red blinking light that would lead me to believe these were airplanes.

Each object had only white light that was constant.. No
blinking, no pulsing, just steady white light. I don't feel quite so crazy now after reading your post. I really wanted to take video but my phone would not take a clear enough shot to see much of anything because it was so dark with no moon out.

    - Posted by Marie

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Saw this exact same thing over Oskaloosa IA around 10 pm Saturday April 18th flying north east. It was almost like they were appearing out of nowhere perfectly spaced apart over and over. I would say I saw more than 25. It had to be more than 40 I saw. Very bizarre.
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