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Triangular Object UFO Sighting from Windsor, Vermont October 2018

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My friend and I were on our way back from northern NH traveling south on I-91 around 10 p.m. in the fall of 2018. Ahead we both saw what looked like an airplane the size of a 757. It was very low to the ground, so we thought we were witnessing a crash. As we got closer, we realized it wasn't moving. It was stationed above a hill right next to the highway. We got under it and were looking directly up into it around the height of a 10-story building.

It was triangular. The metal
    was like Mercury. It was a very odd metal and was super hard to explain, but Mercury comes closest, and the brightest lights we'd ever seen. It was as like stadium
lights on steroids, blue and white. She remembers red, but I don't. It was 100% silent. We said stupid things to each other like ''is it a hologram? Is it a drone?'' Our words hung in the air like a talking across a campfire. Time definitely felt skewed.

We were on in the shoulder of the highway and felt like we should keep crawling along. It was hard not to think something bad might happen to us if we got out or lingered, so we kept going. We got down the road a bit and regretted
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