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Lights UFO Sighting from Vilnius, Lithuania April 22 2020

I walked out in the yard about 10 pm. The sky was clear. A live at the opened place so can observe freely everything that is above me. I noticed moving objects in the sky that were very high - they looked like stars by size and light.
It was strange that they moved in the same west-east direction definitely one after the other with the angle against me about 40 degrees. At the same time I could see no more than 3 objects in the sky. Their number was no less than 30 - 40.

    - Posted by Valentin

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This is a continuation of the observation happened yesterday (2020-04-22). We have а little dog which ask for a walk when it comes to her head. This night she waked me at 4 am. After going out I noticed yesterday's objects moving in the sky again without blinking and noise in exactly the same way (I mean height direction and trajectory) but having a shorter distance between them.
All I have counted 9 objects. I succeeded to notice aside something like a craft almost at the same height. It was blinking and moved much slower. We were in yard about 10 min.
    - comment by Valentin


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