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Disc UFO Sighting from Sacramento, California 2005

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This happened when I was five years old in southeastern Sacramento (Fruitridge/Power Inn area). I'm twenty now, but the incident was so strange to me as a child that I still remember it in complete detail. I was sitting in the backyard with my older sister (15 at the time). It was about 6 p.m. partly cloudy, and golden hour had just ended. The sun was going down, but there still was enough light to look around in our backyard.

I sat on the ground playing with toys as she
    sat adjacent to me in our yard sitting in a chair making a phone call. As I was playing with my toys unaware of my surroundings, my sister called for me to look
up at the sky. From there I looked up to the east where she had pointed. It looked like two metallic dinner plates rested on top of one another exactly reminiscent of the ''I Want to Believe'' X-Files poster, except it had a few red and yellow colored lights resting on its edges.

Its presence by itself wasn't very alarming or antagonizing, but what spooked me was that it didn't fluctuate in the air. It sat in the sky and hovered as if it were parked. It was not struggling against
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