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Aliens UFO Sighting from Elm Mott, Texas November 01 1970

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Hi Alana! Life is too short to care about everyone else. Go to a hypnotist! How exciting!
    - comment by Lisa

Lisa... I have often thought about going to a hypnotist but never have. I just didn't know a genuine hypnotist to go to.
    - comment by Alanna Briggs

    Thanks for sharing. Some of our events that happen to us sound very similar. I have never been that scared before in my life time since my event happen to me. I would have preferred mine to be a dream but it was real. Best regards anonymousz truth.
    - comment by Anonymous 1211

Thanks for sharing! I now live in Greenville, Texas, grew up in North East Nebraska, near Tilden. 22 years Navy Aviation AXAN-AXC. (AX-Antisubmarine) & ATC (AT-Avionics equipment), 50 states, visited over 30 countries, 3200+ hours airborne, many possible aliens, UFOs, UUOs, & shared stories experienced.
    - comment by Rod Evans


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