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Lights UFO Sighting from West Farmington, Ohio October 2009

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When I lived up there one night I looked out of the long bay window we had on the front of the house, and over the orchard of the farm across the street I saw a long string of lights moving across the sky. They were quite a distance away because they were disappearing behind the clouds. After a few moments they just disappeared.

In the house with me were my mother, my older cousin, and her boyfriend. My mother was asleep, but my cousin came down to the kitchen just after this, and I asked
    her if they'd seen it. They hadn't. Maybe a half hour later though there were two fighter jets flying west several miles further back. I'd kept looking out the
window incrementally to see if there was anything else.

Almost as soon as I noticed them though, a massive bluish-white fireball erupted right about from the last place I saw the UFO(s) and streaked directly at the fighter jets. They turned and flew right over our house then. My cousin and her boyfriend came down having seen that one, and my cousin was panicking since I put aliens in her head, but me and her boyfriend decided to tell her that we were sure it was a meteor
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