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Object UFO Sighting from Visalia, California 2015

It was around 2015 when I saw a UFO. It actually looked like a giant drone; like the small ones you can buy anywhere now, but it was as big as a helicopter. I was on back road heading back to Visalia from Hanford. My phone had died and ended up taking a wrong turn, but it was a country road. There was a pick up truck ahead of me, and it was pretty late at night (or very early morning). I thought it was odd that there was someone else on the road that late on such a quiet back

Then out of nowhere I was surprised by that flying object that was suddenly flying along side of me over the field to my right. It was very lit up
and had multiple colored lights. The pick up ahead of me must have seen it as it pulled over. I was so freaked that I floored it past the pick up truck that had pulled over, but the flying object was keeping up with my speed staying to the right of me.

The object was mimicking my speed, and then it suddenly disappeared. Like poof. Gone. It just wasn't there anyone. I stopped the car. I tried to gather what I had just seen and how I could even tell people about it without sounding crazy. I wish I had pulled over back where the pick up did, so I could have had another witness. It was very trippy.

    - Posted by JN


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