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Lights UFO Sighting from Muncie, Indiana

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Muncie - Ball State. Before you read this know the back story. I am believed to have been visited a couple of summers ago. That is a story within itself. Months of nightmares and nosebleeds. I've had very eerie feelings in those nights that no fear on earth could put into me. Regardless, here's a story from another night. I was walking home from Insomnia Cookies a local restaurant on campus. I was with my girlfriend and best friend. I was trying to show her where Jupiter was relative
    to Saturn in the night sky.

I am an avid night sky watcher just keep this in mind, so I was showing her the planets. Then all of the sudden I noticed two
very faint dots near Jupiter. One took off and left about what seems to be two inches in the sky from where it was.

The other was heading east in the sky. For the next 20 minutes we all looked up completely baffled at the sight. The one that took east would stay still then zipped a direction before circling, staying still, and zipping another direction. I mean they would stay still then move to a point in the sky close in a blink of an eye.

The movement was unlike anything
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