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Lights UFO Sighting from Muncie, Indiana

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  I have ever seen. They were not drones, planes, or weather balloons. Planes were flying as well, and we were able to see that the planes were much lower in the atmosphere relative to the ufo's. The crazy thing is the objects looked like it was admitting their own light. Planets and stars all have light that is reflected that is shown. These had a small haze of light around them.

I eventually took my girlfriend back to the dorm, but my friend stayed outside. He said that
    the lights stayed up for another 15 minutes. They continued to move before breaking into three pieces each and forming triangle shapes. They then all went back
into one uniform shape and ceased to be seen. It was something I haven't been able to make sense of. It was beautiful in a way to know there was something more than me but also frightening to know reality isn't what it seems.

    - Posted by Everett


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