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Saucer Shaped Object UFO Sighting from Bass Lake, California July 01 1972

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While on vacation at Bass Lake, CA I saw a flying saucer. Three friends of mine ran up to our campsite and begged us to come down to the water. They said that they saw a UFO. At first I laughed because they were so excited about it. Then I thought ''hey my brother is the biggest skeptic I ever knew. Something is really strange about this''. My friend and I went along with them, and now there were five of us sitting down on the beach staring up at the sky. It was about 10:00 p.m.
    when we saw this thing streak across the sky towards us. It seemed to be the shape of a disc reflecting off the stars and the lake like a mirror. It had these colored
lights rotating and blinking around the outside rim of this huge saucer.

It was about the size of three 18-wheeler trucks across in length. It came out from behind the mountains and hovered over the lake right in front of us about 100 feet away for about 10 seconds. Then it shot off like a shooting star over the mountain. We were all ecstatic over it and could not believe what we just saw. We stayed to see if it would return, and about 45 minutes later it did come back. Only this
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