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Triangular Object UFO Sighting from Ossipee, New Hampshire November 10 2020

Im from Ware MA and have posted on here a triangular craft I got a few years back. Tonight I was in Ossipee NH for work and after we pulled into the hotel parking lot I had the urge to look up, and as I did I caught what I believe was a shape shifting triangular craft. It was speeding up and slowing down. I have video of it and tried to keep up with it as best I could. Tell me what yall think. JWall7414@ Gmail. com 11/10/20 18:00 est

    - Posted by Joe

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I have seen this before! I was living in Portales New Mexico at the time it was late in the year 1999. I have been looking for someone to post a shot of that craft for years! But usually they are too pointy not the right angles or the lights are too bright.
But this looks almost if not exactly the way I remember the one I saw!
    - comment by Heather


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Submitted by: Joe Wall

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