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Triangular Object UFO Sighting from Dyess Afb, Texas 2011

I was maybe 11 years old so this takes place at about 2011. Living in on base housing. It was around 9 pm one night and I had realized I left my jacket outside at the playground. I asked my mother if I could go get it.
I went and retrieved my jacket as I'm walking away I felt the need to look behind me and up. And when I did I noticed a big black empty maybe triangular shape in the sky. Just solid black. After staring for a few minutes 3 bright sort of jet engine like flames appeared
    off the back.
These lights were so bright you would've thought they were close to you. Yet there was no sound to them. And as I watched this object it in an
instant zoomed off into the sky and disappeared.

    - Posted by Cam


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