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Spinning Object UFO Sighting from Hardwick, Vermont 1993

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Late in the summer of 1993 two friends and I pulled into my friend's driveway after returning home from a party late one Sunday evening. My friend lived in a farmhouse at the top of Glenside hill as you enter the village of Hardwick. His driveway began where the paved road switched to dirt road across from a cemetery tucked up off the road in the corner of a large field that rises up onto a small knoll where the tree line begins. Below the tree line Route 15 snakes through a
    wooded valley that leads east to St. Johnsbury.

The night had been clear when we pulled into the driveway, but low clouds had rolled in and shrouded the
field and surrounding hills in a thick white fog. We had exited our vehicles to smoke one last cigarette when I noticed what I thought were car headlights in the cemetery across the road. Slowly what appeared to be a progression of headlights cut through the thick fog and captured our attention. We had wondered aloud what business could possibly bring that many vehicles to the cemetery after midnight on a Sunday.

Confused we decided that we must be seeing headlights visible
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