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Object UFO Sighting from Mellen, Wisconsin July 1965

I was on vacation with my family from Washington state, and we were heading home from Mellen following a meal at the local fish fry on the two-lane highway which takes one back to the Upson Iron Belt area.

It was raining cats and dogs (not literally), and the windshield wipers were working on high power. Far off to my right we saw a shimmering object that looked like a plane on fire. It hovered several hundred yards away. It then suddenly shot towards off and stopped
    about a hundred yards off to my left.

It was no plane and had many colored lights that alternated. It stayed about twenty seconds then shot off over the
horizon to my right. Fifty-five years have passed, but I would still love an answer or at least a confirmation by any other witnesses that took in this sighting. Anyone there? Mimamoma.nav @ comcast. net. Mike.

    - Posted by Mike Navalinski


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