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Sounds UFO Sighting from Holland, Texas 1977

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  down towards the bridge, or maybe about the bridge, I became aware of a sound that was gradually increasing in volume. It reached its peak volume level in about 15 seconds, and seemed to be coming from above my car, and was exactly, to a T, the sound of a low-flying jet airliner. I had the distinct impression an airliner was in distress and was attempting to land on the highway, perhaps directly on top of my car. I say jet airliner, and not private jet or jet fighter. I have heard
    all three of those often during my life.

I leaned forward, hunched over the steering wheel, and looked up through the windshield attempting to see the aircraft.
I didn't see anything, and was trying to decide if I should brake or accelerate. The experience was terrifying.

Gradually, the sound began to diminish, and before or while I was in the curve leading to town, it was gone completely. The duration of the sound was about 30 seconds, based on my recollection and the distance along this portion of the highway. Much longer, and I would have had to have started hearing the sound while the track was still adjacent to the highway, or I would
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