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Unspecified UFO Sighting from Kiefer, Oklahoma April 08 2021

It looked like DNA stretched out but it had lights. It was also very close to the ground about 4 MI. Up but there was no noise. I was also thinking about it being a wormhole because it was there for a split second then it left.
I also saw an airplane right after so it could have traveled through a wormhole from a parallel universe. You might be thinking well this could be a shooting star. Well it's not. There was no debris falling off of it.

    - Posted
    by Terah

Comments and Replies:

Dear Terah,

Regarding your story ''Unspecified UFO Sighting from Kiefer, Oklahoma'':

Wow! A large DNA-like strand or helix-shaped craft?!

That is actually quite an interesting description of the weird unknown craft and/or object, that you saw that day or night!

Honestly, besides the circular object, that I spotted in a farmer's wheat field, and the medium-sized triangular-shaped craft, that followed and paced my car for several miles... I think your sighting has got to be one of the more unique and fascinating UFO encounters, that I've heard or read about in recent years!

I've seen, what I would call strange or funny lights, in the night sky, but nothing like what I saw and experienced, that fateful night in October of 2004, or even your crazy a** sighting!

So, what was the strange object you observed?

Perhaps, as you had stated... It may have been a wormhole and/or some type of portal to a parallel dimension and/or alternate universe!

Anyways, thanks for sharing your story with us, and reading my thoughts and opinions.

= = =

Sincerely, Mike W. Bandit / Enid, Oklahoma / Monday, September 13th, 2021.
    - comment by Mike W. Bandit


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