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Lights UFO Sighting from Castella, California

Hard to be taken seriously about these things. So straight to the point! If you want to see for yourself it's easy! I know because I do it every clear night and not once has this failed! Go out and start a grid with a red dot laser! Point from star to star...
Be patient! As I have spent up to an hour before a single star or so it would see makes a run for it. Not light speed from star trek. But they go to the horizon but sometimes stop and you can no longer see them lit up...
    closer. Keep your eye on the prize. Theyre still there! Any strong lazer will do. They are not as far away as they seem. Trust me. If you truly want to see truth
for yourself.... Do this and keep going till it happens and it will. Send me your experience and I'll show you more !!! benmoles2313

    - Posted by Benjy Moles

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Hi Benji Mills. My name is k I'm 63 clear back in 1969 I started seeing a whole bunch of them coming up every night between 12:30 and 3:30 a.m. over my house in Roseville, but they were quite High fainter than stars, but I had eagle eyes of a young person. And yes, they could do everything everybody said about UFOs. Fly thousands of miles per hour, stop on a dime, go on a different angle. A lot of times people think that you saw something else. I'm like heck now we didn't have drones back in those days, they can't fly thousands of miles per hour. I can't stop on a dime. I think these were ours and theirs. How could they fly around without impunity if our government didn't already know about them. Thanks for posting.
    - comment by K


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