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Triangular Object UFO Sighting from Idyllwild, California July 24 2020

I had two sightings in one night up there. First I stepped outside of my room to have a cigarette, and almost directly above me there was a triangular shaped object that was giving off amber lights and blocking the stars.

I grabbed my gal and pointed to it, and it scared her to the point she ran back inside the room. I watched it for maybe another ten seconds, and then it took off to the left and disappeared. Later that evening after we settled down, I decided I wanted
    to go look up at the sky some more.

In no time we both started seeing what we thought were stars, except they would blink and move from point A to point
B in no time at all. They were moving all over the place! My friend caught the tail end of the show with her camera, but it's really not the best quality (of course), but we both believe that whatever was up there that night wasn't ours.

Also after the second sighting we heard military aircraft fly through the area we saw the lights maybe five minutes after they had disappeared.

    - Posted by Adam Byrd


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