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Craft UFO Sighting from Saranac, Michigan 1988

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My sighting was in Saranac, Michigan (between Grand Rapids and Lansing) in the late 1980s in my early teens. I'd have to say this was around summer 1987-88 back when technology was basically all analogue and well before the age of serious computing power or the era of high technology we see today.

People reading this may immediately think this was a stealth B2 aircraft. I do not think it was because the capabilities time and location make that an impossible explanation.
    (The time-frame for the release of the very secretive B2 was around 1988-1989, so unlikely it was just flying around Michigan on joy rides and it does not possess
the capabilities observed.) This was in west Michigan in a rural community nowhere near any major military base where one might expect top secret aircraft to be tested. With no Air Force or major military or secret installations nearby, we were nowhere near places where secretive high tech aircraft would be tested. (However, west Michigan is a hotbed for UFO sightings with big ones reported in the early 1990s.)

A few friends (Dan, Tim, and a boy I think named Jason, and there
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