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Craft UFO Sighting from Orchard Park, New York 1978

I was getting better from having the chicken pox. I left to go take a walk out of my parents apartment complex. I walk to entrance way to get in and out of complex to the joining street. I saw what I thought was those big balloon's that people ride on.
It was next close to the college across the way on other side of route 20. But didn't see and flames to keep it afloat. But had lights all around it. More in the shapes of either hexagons or octagons.
And each shape gave
    off a different color. Red/blue/yellow/green/amber. I was very excited. It just hovered there. I turned to try and get my stepfather to see it. But he was not interested.
I was gone for about 3 minutes. When I came back it was gone. I looked around thinking if it was a balloon I should still see it. But was not able too.

    - Posted by Anthony Fort


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