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Triangular Object UFO Sighting from Modesto, California June 11 2021

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On the night of June 11th my lady and I decided to go stargazing as we usually do. Now while we usually see a few things here and there, we cannot explain that night. There was an unmistakably great number of lights forming triangles in the sky. Not only that, but there were many smaller singular lights floating around these triangle shaped objects, which were absolutely massive in size.

My lady and I both witnessed these objects firing blue beams of light in all different
    directions. We also saw massive flashes across the entire night sky as well as hearing loud explosions the likes of which did not sound familiar to fireworks or
gunshots at all.

In an effort to try to make peaceful contact, I took my phone out and began using the flash on it to try and communicate with one of the triangles directly above me. It was then I realized I was definitely not hallucinating as the massive triangle would follow the direction of the light I would place, either on the ground or facing directly at it.

It would absolutely mirror every movement of the light on my phone, so in an even greater attempt at communicating
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